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Distinguished and Famous people from Victoria Daly

1. William Barak (1824–1903)

William Barak was an Aboriginal Australian elder, artist, and social justice campaigner. He was born in the area now part of Victoria Daly and later became a prominent leader of the Wurundjeri people. Barak's artwork gained recognition for its depiction of Aboriginal culture, and he played a crucial role in advocating for Aboriginal rights.

2. Missy Higgins (1983–)

Missy Higgins, born Melissa Morrison Higgins, is a renowned Australian singer-songwriter. She was raised in the town of Broome in Western Australia, but her father is from Victoria Daly. Higgins achieved great success in the Australian music industry with multiple chart-topping albums and hit singles, winning numerous awards in the process.

3. Ron Barassi (1936–)

Ron Barassi is a well-known Australian rules football player and coach. He was born in Melbourne, Victoria but has ancestral ties to Victoria Daly. Barassi is considered one of the greatest figures in the history of Australian rules football, having played for and coached successful teams in numerous competitions.

4. David Gulpilil (1953–)

David Gulpilil is an acclaimed Indigenous Australian actor, dancer, and storyteller. He was born Hunter River Mission, an Aboriginal "outstation" in Victoria Daly. Gulpilil gained international recognition for his role in the film "Walkabout" (1971) and has since appeared in numerous Australian and international productions.

5. Tom E. Lewis (1958–2018)

Tom E. Lewis was an Indigenous Australian actor and musician. He was born in Ngukurr, which is situated within Victoria Daly. Lewis notably played the lead role in the Australian film "The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith" (1978). He also contributed to the music industry through his albums and performances as a singer-songwriter.

6. Rob Riley (1950–1996)

Rob Riley was an influential Indigenous Australian activist and politician. He was born in the Victoria Daly region and played a significant role in advocating for Aboriginal land rights and social justice throughout Australia. Riley co-founded the National Aboriginal and Islander Legal Service (NAILS) and contributed to various organizations aimed at improving Indigenous rights.

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