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Victoria Daly, Northern Territory, Australia

Victoria Daly is a region in the Northern Territory of Australia, covering an area of 153,317 square kilometers. It is located approximately 500 kilometers south-west of Darwin and is named after Victoria River and Daly River, two major waterways in the region.

Things to See and Do

  • Victoria River: The Victoria River is a scenic river that flows through the region, offering opportunities for fishing, boating, and swimming. There are also several scenic lookouts that provide breathtaking views of the river and surrounding landscapes.
  • Daly River: The Daly River is another major waterway in the region, known for its fishing and recreational activities. Visitors can go fishing, boating, and camping along the river.
  • Katherine Gorge: Katherine Gorge is a natural wonder located within the Nitmiluk National Park, just south-east of Victoria Daly. The gorge has several stunning rock formations, waterfalls, and pools that visitors can explore through hiking, canoeing, or taking a guided tour.
  • Nitmiluk National Park: Nitmiluk National Park is home to several attractions including waterfalls, rock formations, and wildlife. Visitors can explore the park through hiking, camping, or taking a scenic drive.

Getting There

The nearest airport to Victoria Daly is located in Katherine, which is approximately 200 kilometers to the south-east. From Katherine, visitors can take a bus, hire a car or join a tour to explore the region. The region is best explored by car, as it provides the most flexibility and accessibility to the many attractions located within the region.

Accommodation Options

  • Camping: Visitors can enjoy camping in the many campsites located throughout the region, including Nitmiluk National Park and Victoria River Roadhouse.
  • Hotels and Motels: There are several hotels and motels located in the region, including Victoria River Roadhouse and Judges Pool Motel.
  • Lodges: There are several lodges and retreats located within the region that offer a more luxurious and relaxing experience, including Cicada Lodge and Wildman Wilderness Lodge.

Visit Victoria Daly

Victoria Daly is a beautiful region in the Northern Territory of Australia that offers visitors a unique blend of natural wonders and outdoor activities. From the stunning waterways to the scenic national parks, visitors are sure to find something that fits their taste and interests. With a range of accommodation options available and easy access to the region, Victoria Daly is the perfect destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable outback adventure.

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